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Seasonal Depression is a real thing that can be real hard to grapple with.  See how CBD can be your sunshine on a cloudy day.

A company built on quality ingredients and transparency, Kanibi CBD is a brand to watch during the CBD boom. Read about its quality, product line, and more on

(Oct. 7, 2019) Ever wonder how to make your own edibles or CBD-infused dinner? I wrote some tips for you to know the food science and appropriate tastes behind making successful CBD eats. 

This flagship article for guides readers through the top rated CBD oils you can purchase now. 

Is CBD really the miracle cure for the blues?  I did a little research to find the reasons why, and the best ways, that CBD can help make you feel better. Written for CO. Yoga + Life Magazine. 

A revisiting of the complete saga of this legendary 90s British rock band. Written for

A look through an up-to-date discography of the Foo Fighters. For fans and new-comers alike to make their own selections of these impressive rockers. Written for

A look at the young and evolving career of country/pop star Taylor Swift. Written for

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