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Tara is a global freelance writer. 


Writing is a passion, hobby, and career for her. Over the years, her writing has appeared in magazines, websites, and e-books aplenty. Some of it has been credited to her, much of it has been ghostwritten.


She's found her niche to be the evergreen topics of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. Tara put her mark on the hemp industry by creating informative works for CBDBreaker. She's written extensively on this subject, with articles also appearing on The BWell Market, Yoga+Life Magazine, and more. 


She's also written several articles on both sexual health and the past and present legends of the music industry.

Now based in Australia, she's constantly craving a new chance to explore an exciting city. When she's not on the move, she's in her kitchen cooking up culinary delights set to her many personally-curated playlists. 


For a collection of credited writing, click here.


Meet some happy clients:

"Great work, great communication, always on time. Highly recommended.

Thank you!"


—  Name, Title

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